Towards Studying Hierarchical Assembly in Real Time: A Milky Way Progenitor Galaxy at z = 2.36 under the Microscope

18 Feb 2020 Zick Tom O. Weisz Daniel R. Ribeiro Bruno Kriek Mariska T. Johnson Benjamin D. Ma Xiangcheng Bouwens Rychard

We use Hubble Space Telescope (HST) imaging and near-infrared spectroscopy from Keck/MOSFIRE to study the sub-structure around the progenitor of a Milky Way-mass galaxy in the Hubble Frontier Fields (HFF). Specifically, we study an $r_e = 40^{+70}_{-30}$pc, $M_{\star} \sim 10^{8.2} M_{\odot}$ rest-frame ultra-violet luminous "clump" at a projected distance of $\sim$100~pc from a $M_{\star} \sim 10^{9.8}$M$_{\odot}$ galaxy at $z = 2.36$ with a magnification $\mu = 5.21$... (read more)

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