Star Classification: A Deep Learning Approach for Identifying Binary and Exoplanet Stars

30 Jan 2023  ·  Aman Kumar, Sarvesh Gharat ·

We present a novel approach for classifying stars as binary or exoplanet using deep learning techniques. Our method utilizes feature extraction, wavelet transformation, and a neural network on the light curves of stars to achieve high-accuracy results. We have also compiled a dataset of binary and exoplanet stars for training and validation by cross-matching observations from multiple space-based telescopes with catalogs of known binary and exoplanet stars. The application of wavelet transformation on the light curves has reduced the number of data points and improved the training time. Our algorithm has shown exceptional performance, with a test accuracy of 81.17%. This method can be applied to large datasets from current and future space-based telescopes, providing an efficient and accurate way of classifying stars.

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Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics