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A Formal Model of Checked C

zhaoolee/garss 31 Jan 2022

We present a formal model of Checked C, a dialect of C that aims to enforce spatial memory safety.

Programming Languages Software Engineering D.3.1

Deep Learning in Business Analytics: A Clash of Expectations and Reality

zhaoolee/garss 19 May 2022

Our fast-paced digital economy shaped by global competition requires increased data-driven decision-making based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Decision Making

A mission architecture to reach and operate at the focal region of the solar gravitational lens

zhaoolee/garss 6 Jul 2022

We present initial results of an ongoing engineering study on the feasibility of a space mission to the focal region of the solar gravitational lens (SGL).

Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Earth and Planetary Astrophysics General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology

The concept of class invariant in object-oriented programming

zhaoolee/garss 14 Sep 2021

It then removes one by one the three simplifying assumptions, each removal raising one of the three issues, and leading to a corresponding adaptation to the proof rule.

Programming Languages Software Engineering D.1; D.2; D.3; F.3

The First Room-Temperature Ambient-Pressure Superconductor

zhaoolee/garss 22 Jul 2023

For the first time in the world, we succeeded in synthesizing the room-temperature superconductor ($T_c \ge 400$ K, 127$^\circ$C) working at ambient pressure with a modified lead-apatite (LK-99) structure.


I am Definitely Manipulated, Even When I am Aware of it. It s Ridiculous! -- Dark Patterns from the End-User Perspective

zhaoolee/garss 26 Apr 2021

Online services pervasively employ manipulative designs (i. e., dark patterns) to influence users to purchase goods and subscriptions, spend more time on-site, or mindlessly accept the harvesting of their personal data.

Human-Computer Interaction

A formula for the $n^{\rm th}$ decimal digit or binary of $π$ and powers of $π$

zhaoolee/garss 29 Jan 2022

By using an asymptotic formula known for the numbers of Euler and Bernoulli it is possible to obtain an explicit expression of the nth digit of $\pi$ in decimal or in binary, it also makes it possible to obtain the $n^{\rm th}$ digit of powers of $\pi^n$.

Number Theory 11Y60

"A Handbook of Integer Sequences" Fifty Years Later

zhaoolee/garss 9 Jan 2023

Until 1973 there was no database of integer sequences.

Number Theory Combinatorics 05-00, 11-00, 11Bxx, 48-00, 68-00

Something is wrong in the state of QED

zhaoolee/garss 4 Oct 2021

Quantum electrodynamics (QED) is considered the most accurate theory in the history of science.

General Physics